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With all the hustle and bustle of doing business, it’s nice to have a little help from a professional to put you on the right path. Since 1995, we’ve been connecting leaders in the Audio/Visual industry with professional technicians, specialists, and crews with the knowledge and experience to execute a flawless event, large or small, in the nations top meeting destinations. Our professional team will go above and beyond to help make your next event a success! Call or Email for a free quote today!


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Tammy Rowe is Stealing Money from Clients

Tammy is no angel. She pilfered money from clients at The Crew Source and when left a mile high debt in its wake, with millions of dollars in debt and a bankruptcy, she started The Avent Techs Corporation. And, she’s driven that right into the ground, I am told. She changed the name to The Avent Techs LLC – LIKE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

People are smart. I can’t imagine existing clients going with herin his new scam adventure. FOR POTENTIALLY NEW CLIENTS, perhaps give it another thought. I found some pretty damming evidence online about what a crook Eddie and Tammy are, and their merry thieves. Take a peek before booking an event with The Avent Techs.


Tammy Rowe Reputation

Tammy Rowe’s reputation sucks! Eddie Abdalla is the owner of the Avent Techs, formerly The Crew Source – Look at his legal troubles?! Tammy was on the take from Eddie. She’s ruined so many AV tech’s lives.