AV Techs in the Audio Visual Industry Beware Tammy Rowe

Check out this other video I found about The Avent Techs, Eddie Abdalla and Tammy Rowe.

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Scam Alert: The Avent Techs and Tammy Rowe

Scam alert! I found this video online about Eddie Abdalla scamming AV technicians via The Avent Techs – they have the worst reputation. Read the Avent Techs negative reviews. Tammy Rowe has negative reviews, too. Anyway, they’re working together, pilfering AV technicians from other companies and destroying their reputations. I swear, I can’t believe how corrupt these mother f*ckers are.

Tammy Rowe Screwed a lot of AV Technicians

tammy rowe steals av techs

Tammy Rowe has screwed over so many AV techs and ruined their reputations. Last week a few of my colleagues got drinks after work — we were egg-zhausted. One thing lead to another, and it turns out that we were all blackballed from two different companies because we’d worked jobs Tammy put us up for. Unbeknownst to us, Tammy booked us on scam company The Avent Techs owned by Eddie Abdalla. This dude has a really bad reputation. His reviews are the worst. He’s in legal trouble — it’s bad all around. Now there are two companies 10 of us can’t work for on the East coast and Midwest. We’re soooo pissed because she ruined our reputation. You guys know how important an audio visual tech’s reputation is! Without it, we lose money.

Has anyone else been scammed by Tammy Rowe or Eddie Abdalla? Please leave a comment so we can talk about it.