Tammy Rowe and her Team

Tammy Rowe has been working in the AV industry for a bazillion years. I’ve been an audio engineer for 7 years. She’s booked me on several jobs with Eddie Abdalla, The Crew Source, The AVent Techs and a bunch of other companies. HOWEVER, I only recently found out through research that Tammy was working for a company and pilfering AV techs from that company. I don’t know the company she was working for. But another technician friend of mine told me that she was stealing their techs to work for Eddie! Then I researched Eddie Abdalla. His reputation online is atrocious. This guy has stolen so much money from techs and clients. I can’t believe it.

I wanted to share what I found.

Be sure to read through the rest of the site for more info about Tammy Rowe’s reputation.